On Earth as it is in Hell

andrew spink · Ages 12+ · 1hr

one person show

This solo show combines comedy, storytelling, and history to explore how our beliefs about the afterlife evolved and why they matter today. Wrapped around a personal story of protecting his daughter, losing his faith, and navigating family conflict, Andrew creatively educates the audience in this show, while emotionally inspiring us to love everyone equally.

Andrew Spink is a storyteller, comedian, and former pastor, who combines his experiences into a style of performance that is humorous, inspiring, and accessibly informative. Much of his work is informed by his journey leaving organized religion, his experiences as a father, or his love for research and history. Hailing from Cleveland and living in Seattle, Andrew regularly performs in comedy clubs, and has appeared as a storyteller in many shows, including Story Collider, Ignite, RiSK!, Locally Fameless, the Moth, and Unexpected Productions.

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