pam levin · Ages 14+ · 1hr

one person show

How do you explain the unexplainable?
What if a highly renowned Astrologer told you all these unbelievably AMAZING predictions,
but the last thing she said about your 40th birthday shook you to the core. Would it concern you or consume you?
This award-winning dramady is a story about love & strength, fear & magic, angels, spirits, embracing life and living boldly!

Award Winning, solo performer Pam Levin has been performing one-woman shows for the past twenty-four years. This is the newest of Pam’s plays. She has only performed this show to a live audience only ONCE. So, this is highly anticipated. Pam was asked by the founder of SoloFest to write a brand new show to CLOSE the festival in 2021, which was the motivation of writing “ASTROLOGICALLY SCREWED”. This show was created in Terrie Silverman’s Master Class, as well as Pam’s other two critically acclaimed one-woman shows, “TALES OF MODERN MOTHERHOOD, this sh*t just got real” & “TALES OF MODERN MOTHERHOOD part 2 Gender and Identity.”

Reviewer Quotes:

“Solo work is all about digging deep and exposing the rawest of nerves.
Good solo work that is. And Pam Levin is genuinely among the best of the best."

“She’s a brilliant performer, heartbreakingly open and often hilarious without even trying.
She’s the kind of actor you cannot take your eyes off. Sharing this story with us just makes her all the more compelling and artful.”

– Excerpt, Review by Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, Noho Arts District

Audience Quotes:

“The story manages to be hilarious, heartbreaking, and vulnerable the entire time.
Pam is always so wonderful at taking us on a ride of the ups and downs of life.
This was the best ride yet!” -Sierra Fisk (Producer/Actress)

“I thought I was buying a ticket to an Astrology class and within a moments I realized I was exactly where I needed to be”

-Evie Sullivan

Production Team

scott sanders 

stage manager

pam levin