Who Am I? A Human Revolution

soaring solo artist · Ages 16+ · 1hr

one person show

This is an autobiographical musical dramedy about Helema’s life. She grew up on the northside of Philadelphia in a musical family. But life was never easy living with an abusive mother and a jazz musician father who experimented with drugs. He unfortunately died young and this devasted Helema. So, to keep the music momentum going in the family, she decides to be a singer. As she ventures out into the world of music, her joyful, sometimes annoying, shadow companion, “Musical” joins her on the road to clarity. As she develops relationships with people in her life, things get so overwhelming that she is unsure about which direction to take. Should she stop halfway, go back home to live with her abusive mother and have regrets? Or continue to figure out who the hell she is and what is her purpose in life as a black woman living in America. In this fun, relatable, vulnerable show there are 6 original songs written by yours truly and a few cover tunes in the mix.  Who Am I? A Human Revolution was directed and developed by Jessica Lynn Johnson of Soaring Solo Studios.

Helema is a singer, songwriter and has performed and opened for artists such as Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Fifth Dimension and many more. She has also used her vocal talents in recording studios as a backup singer along with her twin sister. Their act, “2 But Not 2” have a CD that can be found on Spotify.


Production Team