TRAGIC MAGIC ~ A Story of Recovery

n/a · Ages 16+ · 1hr

one person show

TRAGIC MAGIC, A Story of Recovery’ is a riveting drama of tragedy, redemption, and transformation.  As a daughter of Lithuanian displaced persons, or DP’s, growing up in Chicago and needing to fit in, Sigute experienced the dragon of addiction early on.

The show, which takes us through the wild-ride decades of Sigute’s life, shares stories of her hanging with the bad boys; experiencing harrowing alcohol-induced blackouts at a young age; #MeToo casting couch shame; drug-infused escapades as a star manager on Rodeo Drive in the 80’s; endangering her young daughter; and confrontations with the law.

Sigute led a dual existence most of her life, managing to balance the good girl versus the party animal. Until it all came crashing down.

Getting sober, transforming in India, and reconnecting with her first love – nature – Sigute takes us on her journey with honesty and humor, and honors her Lithuanian roots through song and the pagan ritual of hugging trees.  

Woven into the play is the tragic loss of her twenty-four-year-old brother, Al, who had addictions of his own.  His haunting poetry is scattered throughout, as are images of him, turning him into a second character in this one-woman show, and bringing a deeper meaning to not only his short life, but hers as well. In the end, it’s not just Sigute’s story, but Al’s too.

Tragic Magic is a story of hope, recovery, triumph, and finally – celebration.


“Sigute’s honesty about her life and addiction battles, as well as her wild days, pulled me into not only her problems but the human aspect of how she chose to deal with each experience, good and bad. Alcohol is a deadly killer, and by the end of the play, I was certainly inspired by how dedicated Sigute has become to her sobriety and sharing her journey with others to inspire them to do the same.” -Broadway World

“Tragic Magic~A Story of Recovery is the autobiographical tale of Sigute Miller’s journey through addiction and the transformation of sobriety. The story combines Miller’s Lithuanian background with poems and tales by her late brother to create a divine viewing experience…the wisdom and spiritual insights within the vulnerable storytelling left an impact. It is a beautiful tribute to the writer, the performer’s brother, and her personal strength. Inspiring and heartfelt, this show is impactful for audiences with addiction experience and without.” -All About Solo, NY

“Through a deeply personal performance, ‘Tragic Magic’ has so many sweetly human and very funny moments. It is told lightly, authentically and with a kind of gentle grace. Sigute’s complete authenticity, her willingness to share her feelings of ‘shame’, her struggle to forgive herself, creates a kind of golden lighten stage. A safe place for us as well as for her.”  -NoHo Arts District

“It is brave of actress Sigute Miller to bare her soul and her difficult story on stage… a deeply personal performance. This is a tale of recovery and transformation.” -Hollywood Times

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