Re-inventing Me

esther pearlman · Ages 8+ · 75 mins

family friendly one person show world premiere

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Life in celebrity studded Santa Monica is a far cry from where Esther Pearlman grew up in Southwest Los Angeles. There, at 55 and Western, and later at 85th, she grew up poor, wore homemade clothes kids made fun of, and her family struggled to live on limited funds. The “No Jews or Blacks” sign posted on the front yard of her neighbor’s boarding house didn’t help this little Jewish girl’s self-esteem. But friendship did… Enter Kelly, whose adventurous spirit and courage helped Esther find her way to a life of Re-invention. As the play progresses, we experience the various identities Esther moves through in an attempt to find herself – from the Unconfident Child with learning difficulties, to the Attractive Young Woman who draws the attention of pre-fame Jack Nicholson, troublemaker Steve, and an aspiring pharmacist Marty (guess who she marries!), to the 27-Year College Student, to a Sexy Dancer Instructor, to an Eager Model in Training, to the Chatty Extra, and more. What identities will stick, and what will Esther learn along the way? Hop on the roller coaster of Esther’s life to find out.

Production Team

esther pearlman 

playwright / producer / co-director

jessica lynn johnson 

solo coach / producer

robin quinn 

co-director / producer