Mid Life Mood Swing

mary kennedy productions · Ages 16+ · 75 mins

one person show

This show is now streaming on Vimeo On-Demand! Simply follow this link to rent: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/midlifemoodswing

What happens when you turn 50, have two teenagers and are married almost 20 years? You have a Mid Life Mood Swing!

This show is about Mary Kennedy (Shameless, Hulu, CONAN) journey being a roadie for her Mom’s wedding band, having the real-life Kennedy’s as her cousins and navigating motherhood and ultimately menopause.

Mid Life Mood Swing is quite a comedic ride through 80s nostalgia to present day chaos.

Comedian/Actress Mary Kennedy, has been a pro comic for 24 years and recurring as New Fiona on Shameless and Shameless Hall of Shame for 8 episodes.

Learn More at Www.maryekennedy.com

Production Team