Down the Hatch: Tale of a Sword Swallower

cyrus pynn llc · Ages 10+ · 1hr

family friendly one person show

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Cyrus Pynn is a self taught impalement artist, the most dangerous of all his feats being Sword Swallowing. In this show you shall learn the backstory of this particular performer of deadly feats all the while witnessing the demonstrations first hand. Sword Swallowing is just one of the various feats you shall see performed. All featuring a bladed weapon of some sort, some rarely ever witnessed live onstage.
Cyrus is a trained professional who has went through trial and error and conquered some of the most primal fear in order to satisfy the entertainment of his audience. Fear not, this is not a scary show for Cyrus is a professional and compliments his stunts with comedic patter as he survives them all (so far so good).
All 100% real and 100% dangerous. So much that it is strongly encouraged that you never attempt the feats you see performed in this show, but merely witness and share your experience with others. You paid for the whole seat but you’re only going to use the edge.

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