Almost Made

almost made inc · Ages 16+ · 1hr

one person show

Nominated for Best Solo Show 2023!

While eulogizing his father, a son is haunted by defining events in their relationship. While revisiting these life defining events, he takes on the high-stake question: "Are we destined to become our fathers or can we transcend the relationship, liberating ourselves to become our own man?

“You have to dig deep to bury your father.” Gypsy Proverb   

“Almost Made” is a wonderfully written show. Full of intricately worked anecdotes, stories within stories and a slow build to a powerful emotional conclusion. It flows  beautifully, like “Goodfellas,” with incredible characters and no agenda or judgment and yet there is at its center, the breaking of a boy’s heart. It’s also very, very funny, with gorgeously wrought twists and turns, all play out with panache and poignancy by the writer and wonderful actor Louie Liberti. But what really got to me was the sadness of it. And it is brilliant. Louie is a genius storyteller. He lures you in with his sweet bad’ish boy demeanor and then he takes you by surprise with the intensity of his boyish revelations.  By Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros