Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?

alexandra ryan · Ages 15+ · 1hr

Be yourself! Did that just give you anxiety? Great. You’ll love “Will the Real Me Please Stand Up”. It’s the anti-self help/anti-Ted talk show.

Ever been told to “be who you are” and wanted to just scream? Ever thrown a self-help book across the room? Then “Will the Real Me Please Stand Up” is for you. This is the anti-self help/anti-Ted talk show. Join Alexandra Ryan as she goes down the rabbit hole to figure out what it really means to “be yourself.” Set in La La Land, where actors want to play other people but are required to “be themselves”, the show opens with an at home self-tape audition that causes our heroine to literally fall to the floor. We then meet her inner voices who set out to prove that they are “the one true Alexandra”. This is a one person show with plenty of inner voices to keep you company. Which inner voice will win out in the battle of authenticity? Will our lead discover who she really is? Who knows? But one thing’s for sure, you’ll be entertained along the way! If you’ve ever shrugged off the advice to be yourself or felt like it only made you more confused, this show is a must-see. You’ll discover you’re not the only one. Parental supervision is recommended as themes of complicated families, narcissism, and grief are present. 

Official Winner of the Hollywood Fringe Encore Award!

LA Times Pick of the Fringe 2023!

Gia On the Move Review: The show is raw, vulnerable, and incredibly self-aware but not at all sympathy seeking. Instead, it’s delivered with much humor