Treya's Last Dance

epc productions · Ages 18+ · 1hr

one person show

Treya: bolshy, brash, loud and proud from Croydon! She’s here to show you that time she was forced to like, actually face some nightmarish stuff. Really bad.


It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s embarrassing, it’s heartrending – it’s basically just like life. But shorter. And on stage.


Without giving away the good stuff, Treya’s sent speed-dating by her parents – they want her to find a ‘life partner,’ see? But while she’s there, she keeps having all these thoughts about the other stuff that’s going on in her life, and, well, the thing is, the speed-dating sort of works in a way, not how you think, but basically – ‘cos the men are so horrible that she actually thinks about the stuff she’s been avoiding. And then . . . well, come see for yourself.


Treya’s Last Dance: an acclaimed one-person show performed by Aisha Kumari. Limited tickets available!




Critics call Treya’s Last Dance: “superb comedy, as well as complex grief” (NY Theatre Guide); “… a moving journey of emotional introspection…” (Asian Voice); “… the kind of character complexity you hope for in a feature film” (A Younger Theatre); and “plenty of substance and humor… whip-smart, authentic” (Stage Raw) … “an incredible now-hour show” (The Show Report) … “pleasantly witty light comedy … turns into something significantly deeper” (British Theatre Guide)



Treya’s clumsy quest to find a ‘life-partner’ takes the audience on a journey through the universal struggle to preserve cultural identity within the midst of change. Addressing hard-hitting, current issues: grief, brown girl female sexuality, cultural struggles and discrimination head-on, Treya’s Last Dance is a unique take on modern life.