"WOMAN - The Yoko Ono Musical Experience"

anzu lawson · Ages 0+

family friendly flashing lights one person show world premiere

This is the unprecedented telling of Yoko Ono’s story told for the first time – through her eyes. For over FIVE decades, Yoko Ono has been the famously hated & single most misunderstood Asian woman in the entire world.

In this unrivaled drama musical, we finally see how this forward-thinking visionary is the reason John Lennon is remembered as a Peace Icon today, instead of a rock legend who died before his time, and why he chose and defended her… ‘til has last breath. Over the series, we follow her struggles for artistic expression in a patriarchal era that didn’t recognize female artists as equals, while navigating racial prejudice against the Japanese, post Pearl Harbor. She & John paid the personal price advocating for feminism, racial equality, Anti-wars, freedom of speech and artistic freedom. More importantly, through the original music narrating a different story below the surface of what the world thought they saw and knew…

We follow John & Yoko’s desperate search to find Yoko’s kidnapped 7-year-old daughter, Kyoko, who wound up being brain washed by a Christian cult in Texas. Kyoko was taught to believe her mother was the devil and it wouldn’t be until John’s assassination, 28 years later, before Yoko would hear from her then adult daughterand 32 years before seeing her face again.

In the end, we shatter the “Side-Piece” stigma & DE villainize a woman whose sole purpose in life has always been to raise the consciousness of the world through thought provoking art, mind bending music, & peaceful revolutions meant to unite humankind with ONE-ness.

How does one forgive a world that condemned you for falling in love?

How do you forgive an ex who robbed you of your only daughter because he was jealous of John Lennon?

How do you live after a psychopath murders your soulmate right before your very eyes? How do you forgive a world who misunderstood and hated you for over five decades? Possiblywith a tenaciously forward-thinking mind and soul… like Yoko’s. Possibly… with unfathomable love. The kind of love, John was only able to recognize. It’s time to set the record straight.

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