177 Lovers and Counting: My Life as a Sex Researcher

wise woman sex and relationship consulting · Ages 16+ · 1hr

one person show world premiere

            177 Lovers and Counting: My Life as a Sex Researcher chronicles the personal and professional sexual explorations of American Anthropologist, Leanna Wolfe.  Dr. Wolfe, a professor of anthropology and a research and clinical sexologist, reflects on growing up in the thick of the Feminist and Sexual Revolutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

            She charts her own sexual awakenings, attempts to sort out feminist orgasm politics and ventures into Mexico as a young anthropologist.  Curious and in search of perspective, she engages raw Mexican Machismo, finds her way into several remote villages and weathers being raped on an isolated Acapulco Bay beach. 

            Alongside of acquiring professional credentials, (MA in Anthropology (New School) PhD in Sexology (Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality) she explores kink and polyamory sexual undergrounds.  Her unquenchable appetite for how humans connect intimately leads her to study 1980s singles culture in Los Angeles publishing Women Who May Never Marry (Longstreet, 1993), the Gerewol Festival (marriage market in Niger), the Cybersex world, contemporary cultural issues including sexual cheating and the sexual politics of #MeToo.

            177 Lovers and Not Done Counting infuses an anthropological lens on a 50-year career of curiosity, intellectual rigor and full-bodied human engagement.