Fill Your Pockets With Sunshine

the biz studio and directed by charlene ward · Ages 16+ · 1hr

one person show

Fill Your Pockets with Sunshine, written and performed by Kezia Norton, is a dramatic story that navigates through the intricate web of childhood trauma and resilience. This poignant performance delves into the ripple effect of psychological issues. When she was only 6 years old, her mother was put in the hospital due to a mental illness. It became Kezia’s mission to get her mom back. Along the way she meets different humorous characters that are interwoven throughout her journey. She started figure skating at the ripe old age of eleven, and chose her last coach, which unfortunately, did not turn out the way she planned. Through a compelling blend of storytelling and performance, this solo show invites the audience to witness the transformative power of confronting and embracing one’s past. Fill Your Pockets with Sunshine explores the fortitude that can emerge from the most challenging circumstances and celebrates the ability to overcome mental and physical illness. Kezia is originally from Buffalo, New York, and is an actor, stand-up comic, and voice over actor.