flametoots · Ages 12+ · 1hr

one person show world premiere

Elizabeth Williams, a Cowgirl if there ever was one, is happy to present her new show, EVEN COWGIRLS SING THE BLUES.

A Fort Worth, TX native, Miss Williams is the daughter of a socialite/debutante/civic leader, one Suzy Williams. Her father, John Williams, is the Catholic son of a Pecos Cantaloupe farmer and John Deere tractor dealership owner who eventually landed at Harvard Business school and went on to have a highly successful career

Imagine her on a John Deere tractor wearing a ballgown. That’s her.

Miss Williams, or you can call her Elizabeth (like the queen- red hair- no eyebrows) had a quintessential Southern upbringing, which included making her debut, becoming an alcoholic and an addict.  For a time she was just a whole ton of fun. Until, of course, she wasn’t. 

And does she have stories! Why yes! She can spin a yarn and sing a torch song with the best.

Having had a heart event a year ago (Takotsubo syndrome, look it up people!) she has returned to singing after a life hiatus, which included: getting married, having a kid, and did I say STAYING  MARRIED? That heart event jump started her life. 

Again she has some stories to spin and tales to tell. From life as a debutante to struggling artist to staying married (did that get mentioned!?) she is hilarious, honest and tells the truth as only she can.

Come on down and see this girl perform! You won’t regret it.

She’s funny.