Jim McCaffree - National Treasure

jim mccaffree · Ages 12+ · 1hr

one person show world premiere

“Jim McCaffree: National Treasure” is an unforgettable solo show that skillfully dances between disappointment and laughter. Jim McCaffree embodies a diverse cast of comedic characters, each grappling with life’s letdowns. Picture the introvert who throws a housewarming party, or the would-be exotic dancer. From career missteps to body issues, these character monologues find comedy in the face of disappointment.


As the show continues, the audience is taken on a joyous rollercoaster ride through the shared absurdities of the human experience. Woven within the fabric of humor are threads of resilience, highlighting the strength found in laughter amid life’s setbacks.


Yet, amidst the guffaws, a deeper connection emerges. The characters, flawed though they may be, reveal the universal truth that disappointment is an intrinsic part of the human condition. Through laughter, the audience becomes not just spectators but companions on this journey of self-discovery.


“Jim McCaffree: National Treasure” transcends its thematic exploration, becoming a celebration of the human spirit’s ability to find humor in even the most disappointing moments. 


Jim McCaffree is a Los-Angeles based actor and comedian originally from Illinois. He can be seen in The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and The Disney Channel!