PSA: Pelvic Service Announcement

amy veltman · Ages 16+ · 1hr

one person show

PSA: PELVIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT is a comedic, autobiographical, musical romp through the large intestine, the pelvic floor muscle, shame, and a minor redistribution of healthcare privilege.

Comedian Amy Veltman was raised with an almost unnatural attraction to cleanliness, so her middle-aged world was rocked when she started involuntarily leaking just the smallest amount of pee when she would trip, jog, or bump her head. After years of hoping this problem (and others) would resolve on its own—and a stubborn refusal to Google her symptoms, because she didn’t want Sergei Brin or Jeff Bezos to know her shameful secret—Amy did a math problem that would change the course of her life.

As Amy sought treatment, she discovered that she was neither as knowledgeable or chill about her body as she always thought she was. Her journey took her far beyond Google and Kegels in ways both humbling and hilarious, which she will share in this multimedia extravaganza featuring unforgettable characters and just a little bit of Lysol.


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