janet rodgers · Ages 15+ · 1hr

family friendly one person show

GUT” centers around the life and heroic experiences of Irena Gut Opdyke, based on her autobiography entitled “In My Hands.” This Epic Performance Poem tells the true story of Irena Gut, a young Catholic Polish girl who came of age at the German onslaught and occupancy of Poland in 1939.

With raw, unquestionable intellect and a huge heart, Irene Gut found the most surprising ways to not only live amongst the Nazis during Polish occupancy, but to save countless Jewish lives from extermination by the Nazis as well.

GUT” is written and performed by Actor, Director, Dialect Coach and Author, Janet Rodgers. In a harrowing and uplifting 50 minute epic work of poetry and prose, Rodgers brings this story of love, compassion, courage and human respect to life. Rodgers has performed “GUT” throughout the United States and in San Miguel, Mexico. “GUT” is directed by Whitefire Solofest alumni, Dan Ruth.

GUT: adjective/German /ɡu:t/  
Good. Comparatively better | superlative best quality, performance, etc. the way it should be, the way you want it to be. 



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