Minnesota Moon

the whitefire theatre · Ages 15+ · 1hr to 90 mins

After a summer of rowdy nights out in the cornfields of a small Minnesota town, two long time friends hope to keep their adventures alive, as one prepares to leave for college in the big city, while the other feels he must stay working on cars at a local gas station. This classic 1970’s play is considered John Olive’s “breakthrough masterpiece,” about two guys who are more like brothers as they laugh, play, and share their dreams, hopes and fears. On their last night of summer, Alan and Larry try to find a way to say “good bye,” while drinking and reminiscing over the exciting adventures of growing up in Maple Lake, Minnesota.

Minnesota Moon was first staged in New York City in 1979, where the New Yorker called it “memorable, unpretentious, and beautifully haunting.” Since then, the play has run many times across the country and as far away as Scotland.

Performed by Special Arrangement with

Susan Schulman Literary Agency

454 West 44th St. New York, NY 10036

Production Team